West Passage Brewing company was born out of our desire to share, with the local community, a comfortable place to enjoy craft-brewed beer and great food. Our casual environment is welcoming to all!

Crafted to perfection Good service, great food, and a healthy dose of ocean and beer! a

Locally crafted beer

Enjoyed With Friends
& Family.

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Local Beer

Locally crafted beer designed to be enjoyed with friends and family

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Great Environment

Warm and inviting environment for all to enjoy

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Beer inspired food

Enjoy great food paired with freshly brewed local beer

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Crafted Cocktails

Crafted cocktails and wine for those looking for something a little different

Featured Items

Sandwiches & Burgers

  • The Tri-Tip Sandwich

    Our house smoked Tri-Tip, Caramelized onions, aged cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce

  • Peanut Butter Whiskey

    Steak burger on pretzel bun, topped with a peanut butter whiskey glaze, raspberry sauce, aged cheddar cheese, haystack onions, candied bacon and lettuce

  • The Pulled Pork

    House applewood smoked pork shoulder served on a brioche bun, topped with a Texas style BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and sliced pickles

  • The Orchard Chicken

    Buttermilk fried chicken thigh served on a brioche bun, topped with apple cider glaze, sliced fresh apples, candied bacon, lettuce and smoked gouda

  • The Old West

    Steak Burger on a brioche bun, topped with fried jalapeños, haystack onions, cheddar cheese, chipotle BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomatoes

  • Damn Good Classic

    Steakburger on a brioche bun topped with bacon, cave-aged cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions

  • Gould Island Cheese Steak

    Shaved steak, caramelized onions & peppers, topped with house brown beer cheese on a torpedo roll

a a a Full Body Wag a Very happy dogs wag with all their bodies. FBW is a pub-style beer, very light in color from its blend of barley and wheat, has a distinct citrus aroma from Amarillo hops, and just a hint of hop bitterness. Definitely happy dog beer! 5.6 ABV 23 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a Slack Sheet IPA a A sheet that is not doing anything might as well have a beer in its hand! This IPA comes with a light malty flavor, good hop bitterness, and an aroma of Citra that it was dry-hopped with. Best enjoyed with spicy food and friends or food and spicy friends, your choice 6.3 ABV 33 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a tipsy mouse a Stepping up the hoppiness of this beer with our fast and true Centenial, Cascade and Amarillo. As the fable says, a drunk mouse is a dishonest mouse! 5.7 ABV 43 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a Sarcastic Charlie a It would be sarcastic to call it an APA, we dubbed it a Hoppy Amber. Brewed with Centennial, Cascade and, a personal favorite, Amarillo hops, it comes with a light malty flavor and a hint of hops to make a very drinkable beer. 5.0 ABV 32 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a Drunken Horsemen a This Cascadian IPA is dark on the IPA scales and brewed with a healthy punch of hops mellowed in the darker caramel maltiness in the grains. And remember, don’t drink and horse! 7.2 ABV 33 IBU $2 / $6 a a a Full Keel Brown a Just as a full keeled boat is stable in rough seas, its pleasant malty flavor and low bitterness from a light dusting of Cascade hops will keep you content in your chair no matter what your palate throws at you. 5.4 ABV 22 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a Turbo Body Wag a Very happy dogs wag with all their bodies, these dogs are just doing it faster. TBW is a pub style beer, light in color from a blend of barley and wheat, has a distinct citrus aroma from Amarillo hops and just a hint of hop bitterness. Super Happy dog beer! 7.8 ABV 30 IBU $3 / (*) $7 a a a Accidental Red Lager a Clean crisp tasting fall beer with good malty taste from the Vienna base malt and CaraRed/Vienne and Melanoidin malts. Low hop aroma and flavor from the 3 C’s. 5.7 ABV 24 IBU $2 / $4 / $6 a a a Deliberate Porter a Perfect fall beer, dark as the winter’s drive home. Strong malty flavors from crystal and black malts. Very tasty! 5.9 ABV 41 IBU $2 / $4 / $6

Great Location

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West Passage brewery and tavern is centrally located on historic Post Road, offering not only the opportunity to further explore the delight of craft beer but also a chance to slow down and refuel with great food options paired with our easy-drinking craft beer.